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I am trying to branch out of my routine.  Being on FL's since 2009 it has become my norm and with that I have a normal "go to" list of snacks and meals.  I decided this week to try a new fruit or veggie on a regular basis.  My first test...PAPAYA.  I have
JackieD · 753 days ago

Had a trip to Aldi today and just wanted to share a few of the things I bought.  I love the Mamma Chia drinks and they have them this week.  They are great tasting and have 4 grams of protein w/ 120 calories so there's room for a few almonds or another sma
JackieD · 1134 days ago

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and was able to spend time with family or had a moment to reflect on good memories.  I had a great day.  Surprised my mom at her church then joined my husband at our church.  After service we went to
JackieD · 1143 days ago

I have been out of touch the last couple of days but it's been time well spent.  I had my 21 month old grandson...need I say more?!  He is the joy of our life right now.  Always on the move so I really feel like I got my workout in the last 2 days.  We hav
JackieD · 1155 days ago

I just saw a post for Plum Organics Single Serve Soups.   I immediately thought that would be a great snack.  I checked the stats on it and ingredients and some will even count as an accelerator snack!  I have not tried them yet but I will and the flavors
JackieD · 1199 days ago

We had a great chat tonight....had a couple of questions on ingredients.  I love reading labels...never thought I'd say that but it's a challenge and a quest now when I shop.  I'm constantly looking for the sneaky ways sugar and bleached and enriched flour
JackieD · 1226 days ago

Last night in our chat the question was asked, "What are some quick dinner ideas"?  I shared this recipe which is wonderful! Black Bean Chicken: 2 cans black beans (pintos or white works too) 16 oz jar salsa...check the ingredients. Newman's Own or Aldi a
JackieD · 1463 days ago

Notes for Day 15 have been posted.  Get up and move!  :) I also just answered a question about hunger on the message boards.  Thought I'd share my response in case you are feeling a bit hungry at the appropriate times.  The question was if hunger was a go
JackieD · 1614 days ago

I saw this creation on Pinterest and thought it looked so good.  My wheels started spinning on what I could do to tweak it.  I love tweaking!   Apple Nachos! Slice your apple.  Drizzle Walden Farms 0 cal. Chocolate and Caramel syrups, then sprinkle PB2 pow
JackieD · 1736 days ago

Yesterday was my birthday and I want to thank Mart for the sweet post and the birthday wishes that I received.  I had the day off and was able to go to church w/ my husband.  Right before service began, my mother surprised me and joined us.  After church m
JackieD · 1773 days ago
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