We had a great chat tonight.  I'd like to welcome Aaron to our community.  He came to his first chat and shared his great results on the 21 day mm.  12 lbs and many inches released!  Gone!   We discussed the next community challenge.  I try to keep it in t
JackieD · 1100 days ago

In a previous blog I shared how in the beginning of my journey I found that by starting my day with one of the 12 min workouts that came with the kit....I got the workout in and then had no room for excuses.  Trust me...this works for me!  I had gotten awa
JackieD · 1146 days ago

Lately I have been finding myself feeling like a slug and a can of biscuits about to pop!  Lacking on my exercise and just feeling bloated.  A couple of factors contributing to this unsettled feeling are: 1. Being diagnosed in August last year with Rheumat
JackieD · 1153 days ago

Exercise!  The great thing about the FL lifestyle is you don't have to do extreme exercise to get noticeable results.  Prior to FL's I was attending 3-4 fitness classes that lasted an hour each per week.  And I was still gaining weight.  The problem was I
JackieD · 1258 days ago

Today I have to do my fitness test at for work.  We have these every 6 months and while they aren't mandatory...it is an incentive to exercise and stay accountable.  We get $25 for each task we pass as long as we do and log our exercise which has to be a m
JackieD · 1284 days ago

I'm often asked how I have been able to maintain my weight loss.  A recent conversation with a new co-worker brought out some ideas and points that I haven't shared in a blog lately.  I began thinking about my FL journey over the last 5 1/2+ years. The fir
JackieD · 1345 days ago

Day 8 - Exercise!  Be sure and check out my post in the group or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JackieDFoodLoverForLife I am currently doing a PiYo challenge.....and let me tell you....it's a challenge!  But today I got that feeling finally
JackieD · 1738 days ago

Good morning!  I just posted day 8 in the group.  Today's "tweak" is EXERCISE!  Jump over to my post in the group to see my thoughts on today's lesson. We are beginning our 2nd week!  Hope it's going good for everyone!  Hope you can make chat tomorrow nigh
JackieD · 1865 days ago

I have said many times that this forum and community helps keep us accountable.  Since Saturday's chat I have been doing the Pilates workout that is available in the FL's store.  I have had it for some time but had never used it but I had tried the Cardio
JackieD · 1891 days ago

Well I did do the 24 min. Pilates workout this morning.  Like both of the 12 min. workouts on the Pilates video, it is mostly mat work so if getting on the floor is difficult it may not be the best option for you.  I have been having lower back pain and I
JackieD · 1892 days ago
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