I don't know about your family, friends and co-workers but I faced a lot of naysayers when I started the FL lifestyle.  And still...8 yrs later I run into negative comments even tough they have watched me reach my goal and maintain for over 7yrs.   With th
JackieD · 690 days ago

With the Exercise Challenge, the goal was to get everyone moving and to make exercise become a habit.  Journey has posted each day and in the end says it is now her new norm.  Congratulations again Journey!  I will be sending you a Food Lovers t-shirt and
JackieD · 1082 days ago

Good morning. Let's get motivated!
JackieD · 1098 days ago

We know exercise is good for overall health both physically and mentally.  If you have some health issues or limitations don't let this challenge make you feel like you can't join.  It's for everyone regardless of what fitness level you are on or even if y
JackieD · 1098 days ago

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope each of you have a safe weekend.  May we never forget the sacrifices that have been given for us.   Many of you will be going to an event or cookout for the Memorial Day holiday and may be wondering how you will handle the food!
JackieD · 1118 days ago

This morning I was up at 7 and had my breakfast of "waffled" egg whites with veggies and whole wheat toast at 7:30.   It was pretty good!  I saw it on another post and had to try it.  If you are in our challenge don't forget to comment each day in the grou
JackieD · 1123 days ago

We wrapped up our Water Challenge on Wednesday....and the Break the Fast Challenge started today....go to the Groups to join and post each day.  You can also "subscribe" to the group to get a notification each time someone makes a new post.   I hope those
JackieD · 1125 days ago

Tomorrow - Friday - begins our new challenge.  If you haven't "joined" it yet go to the Groups tab above follow it to the Break the Fast Challenge.  I have modified it just a little after reading some concerns about the timing.  We always need to eat or "b
JackieD · 1126 days ago

Our next challenge will be BREAK the FAST.  (Breakfast)  On Day 3 of the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover we learn how important breakfast is when it comes to losing weight.  It is recommended that you eat within the hour of waking for the day.  BUT...this is a
JackieD · 1127 days ago

I've been monitoring the water challenge group - looks like everyone is doing good so far.  I know for myself I am doing better than I have but will strive to do even more today.  If you saw my post in the group you know I was on the road most of the day b
JackieD · 1134 days ago
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