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Food Lovers is working for me! Someone who hates to log, count calories, points, carbs.. etc. I have the books and take them to work with me every day and study them. I've dropped 3 lbs and it doesn't sound like much but before I went on FL, my weight was
Angelbug · 1156 days ago

This program is not as easy of a program for me as I would have thought. After years of yo yo dieting and low carb and eating foods that trigger binges, I realize I need to use some self discipline until my body starts to trust me again.  There are still f
Angelbug · 1167 days ago

I had bought the original Robert Ferguson version when Food Lovers first came out. I tried the diet and after a few weeks I stopped it because I'm a diet nut, meaning I like to try different diets..The only diet that really worked with me was a balanced lo
Angelbug · 1176 days ago
Handling My Weight This Year!
Giving Food Lovers a Real Chance This Time!
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