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Hello all, It has been waaaaaay too long since I have been able to get on here. I feel like I have missed so much (which I have). Life has gotten in the way again lol. The kids have been getting bigger and giving me more challenges and love everyday. The t
Betsie · 2452 days ago

Yesterday I started the 100 push ups training, 48 done in about 10 min (it is broken in to 5 reps about a 60 sec break in between each set. Today I started the 200 squat training, same concept but with squats. 67 done. I love that I am getting more motivat
Betsie · 2524 days ago

Okay, so took the week off from the 7DSD. Did option 1 for the week and am now doing a second week of the 7 Day. On day 2, doing great. I do have to say the I am very luck that the food is so good on this plan. If the food was bland or crappy I don't know
Betsie · 2525 days ago

So the results are in for at least the weight! Started at 221.4 and anded the week at 215!! 6.4 lbs!!! I am so stoked!! I am going to take a week off to prevent burn out from the 7DSD. I hit a wall last night and had to have some greek yogurt instead of eg
Betsie · 2533 days ago

Well today is the last day of the 7DSD. I am loving it still! The only thing that I miss is my Clif Bars!! How funny is that, before FL I never ate Clif Bars, barely even heard of them and now they are a main staple of my daily living. So I was going to do
Betsie · 2534 days ago

So today is Day 5 of 7. Still loving it!! I am having a problem witht the every 2-3 hours and the menu. It oly shows 5 meals/snacks a day but the amount of time that I am awake it just doesn't work. I get up between 330 and 430 in the morning. Have breakfa
Betsie · 2536 days ago

Day two has come and almost gone. The food is very tasty! Made the Coq Au Vin tonight. My husband called me on my way home from work "Hey babe, can you pick up something for dinner? Oh that's right I forgot you are doing the 7 day thing. Man Taco Bell sure
Betsie · 2539 days ago

Hello friends, So I have decided to do the 7 day size down to help get past the stall. And gues what..... It is working!! I started on Day 8 of MM after my last post and then Sunday for the 7 Day SD. Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions. All
Betsie · 2539 days ago

So I really believe I have stalled. I have been doing a mix between Option 1 and 2. I am not gaining but I am not losing either. So I have decided to start the 21 day MM again but on day 8. (I was reading a few other blogs and that is what someone recommen
Betsie · 2545 days ago

So, yet again, long time no hear. I have been bad about coming onto the site. So, since I talked to you all last the twins had a birthday. Tried to make alot of the snacks FL friendly. Vegi trays and lean meat deli meats for everyone. The cake was made wit
Betsie · 2547 days ago
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