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What is an electric fireplace means, it is nothing but one of an electric heaters that are used to burning coal, wood or other natural gas. It can be placed in conventional fireplaces and it plug into the wall. The advantages of electric fireplaces are, it
JonathanBugett · 2 days ago

Hi Everone I'm starting the program again after 10 plus years. I previously did the 6WBM and was very successful but have since gained it all back and then some
Stance · 3 days ago

One habit I broke when starting FL's was weighing daily.  I was addicted to the scale.  FL's taught me that the scale lies and the tape measure is the best tool for keeping up with your true progress.  I'm so glad I know this because Monday I weighed...fir
JackieD · 10 days ago

Many of you will be going to an event or cookout for the Easter weekend and may be wondering how you will handle the food!  Don't stress it....gatherings can be very enjoyable and very satisfying as far as your Fat Loss Meal is concerned.  Here are a few t
JackieD · 14 days ago

I have been waiting several days to get my program. I then try to call to get help and have not been able reach anyone. Can someone help?
toofat · 17 days ago

Good Morning!  I just wanted to remind you of our chat tonight (Tuesday) 7:30 central here in the community.  Just click on the tab above to be taken to the Chat Room.  Bring me your questions and I'll try my best to answer.  Everyone is looking forward to
JackieD · 18 days ago

Due to conflict in my schedule this week I hosted the Chat last night (Friday).  I was concerned that there would not be many there due to the change and the fact it being a Friday evening.  Well, I was so happy to see 4 of our community that had not been
JackieD · 35 days ago

The last 2 weeks the topic of mindset has come up in our chats.  Mindset is key to success in anything we do and weight loss is no different.  With Food Lovers you have to break the "diet" mentality.  We aren't fact we will never have to diet
JackieD · 45 days ago

Just a reminder that  I will be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central.  Lets meet and share our journeys with each other.  Staying connected with like minded folks is a great motivator and support system.  It will also help keep you accountable to yours
JackieD · 60 days ago

People often will ask me "are you still on that diet"?   That hits a nerve with me!  lol  I have never felt I was "dieting" on this lifestyle.  It's not a diet...don't think of it as one - we've been on enough of those and we all know they do not work.  Th
JackieD · 69 days ago
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