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People often will ask me "are you still on that diet"?   That hits a nerve with me!  lol  I have never felt I was "dieting" on this lifestyle.  It's not a diet...don't think of it as one - we've been on enough of those and we all know they do not work.  Th
JackieD · 7 days ago

Been 40 some days since I logged in. I did some Robert exercise videos for about a week, then poof?? I am half-heartedly following food plan, but I have so much trouble not eating while watching TV. I'm in a "oh me, oh my, poor depressed seasonal affective
effiesue · 8 days ago

Yes, I paid the price yesterday in a very painful way on my way back from business trip. I was forced to go to the nearest Medical emergency center and still 2 and half hours from home.  Out of the blue, I was starting to deal with severe pain as I'm drivi
StormanNorman · 21 days ago

Well I hate to say this.... I have not signed on in 177 days. I would like to be able to say that for the 177 days I have been a good girl and stayed on my life style change. That I look and feel so much better but I can't. I feel weak and like I failed. I
betbug · 21 days ago

Well today is day 21 of our group metabolism makeover.  I want to hear how everyone has done!  Feel free to post your results here or message me.  Also don't forget chat tomorrow night - Tuesday at 7:30 central.  I will help you prepare to move to the next
JackieD · 34 days ago

We are less than a week away from completing the Group 21 Day Metabolism Makeover....join me tonight in the chat room and share how it's going for you and have any questions answered you might have at this point.   Remember this is a lifestyle...not a diet
JackieD · 39 days ago

Hi All, Things are good and enjoy video.  New Contigo Mug I have been using: New Electric Kettle I got to make great tea:
StormanNorman · 42 days ago

Our family Christmas get together was today, did not do anything right, pout and then move on.
effiesue · 48 days ago

Trying to help others, but I am 3rd time trying, maybe I shouldn't be giving advice??
effiesue · 49 days ago

Still struggling with getting up early, throws off my whole day!
effiesue · 50 days ago
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