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what can I happened

Well I hate to say this.... I have not signed on in 177 days. I would like to be able to say that for the 177 days I have been a good girl and stayed on my life style change. That I look and feel so much better but I can't. I feel weak and like I failed. In the last 177 days I can honestly say I have not put myself first, I have not taken care of myself. From work changes, family members in the hospital to health issues its all taken a toll.  I know that I had to start somewhere so this is where I am at.  I plan to be at chat this week as I am trying to just put one foot in front of the other.

betbug · 1039 days ago
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  •  JackieD: 
    You have not failed are here. We as women have a hard time putting ourselves first. We feel guilty. I think we are programmed to take care of others, our families, and everything else and ourself last. This was hard for me in the beginning too but I found that if I took time for me....I had better results with the time I gave to others because they were getting the best of me. Make sense? When we feel good mentally and physically we can get so much more accomplished. Glad you are back...2017 will be your year! See you Tuesday in chat!
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02.04.2017 (1039 days ago)
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