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I am trying to branch out of my routine.  Being on FL's since 2009 it has become my norm and with that I have a normal "go to" list of snacks and meals.  I decided this week to try a new fruit or veggie on a regular basis.  My first test...PAPAYA.  I have had papaya before but it was dried and loaded and covered with sugar but I had never tried fresh papaya.  I'm sure there are different types and sizes.  The ones Kroger had this week were huge...bigger than the cantaloupe I bought.  I had to google it when I got home to know what to do with it.  I simply washed it, put it in the fridge, then sliced it length wise and scooped out the seeds.  It was ready for slicing now.  I got about 4 cups of fruit from this one papaya.  It has a very mild taste.  It's a Fast Carb in the FL lifestyle.  The benefits are many:

Lowers cholesterol, helps weight loss, boosts immunity, good for diabetics, great for your eyes, protects against arthritis, improves digestion, helps menstrual pain, prevents signs of ageing, promotes hair growth, prevents cancer, and reduces stress,  What's not to love about this fruit?!  I will be adding it to my list now!

Reason for this post....step out of your norm...try new may discover something you really like and have been missing.

Join me on Tuesday for a live chat in the chat room at 7:30 central.

Jackie D


JackieD · 753 days ago
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06.03.2017 (753 days ago)
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