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Paid the price!

Yes, I paid the price yesterday in a very painful way on my way back from business trip. I was forced to go to the nearest Medical emergency center and still 2 and half hours from home.  Out of the blue, I was starting to deal with severe pain as I'm driving. For 2 hours I was tolerating as I was driving, but it just kept getting worse. I called my wife, and she found the closest medical urgent center too me. The center was 8 miles from where I was. I had to focus on my driving and ignore the pain that was impossible. Finally arrived the Medical Center and was Barely able to walk just across the parking lot to the door. The next challenge was trying to fill out the endless paperwork while I could not think straight because the pain was getting worse. After 30 minutes dying in pain in the waiting area, they called me in. 

The results: Kidney stones

They shot me with a pain killer and gave something for nausea. Doctor asked me if I drank enough fluids. I told him I usually 12 to 13 glasses a day, but the last couple weeks was bad since I was traveling. I went down to 6 glasses a day.  

It is important to try to stick with at least 12 glasses of water a day. Don't go through what I went through yesterday. 

StormanNorman · 499 days ago
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  •  JackieD: 
    Wow...glad you are feeling better! That was a rough time I'm sure. Your body was missing that water for sure. I have to be honest...I have not been doing well in that area...thanks for the reminder. I'm going to fill my bottle again now! :)
     499 days ago 
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02.05.2017 (499 days ago)
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