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Newbie Again

Hi Everone

I'm starting the program again after 10 plus years. I previously did the 6WBM and was very successful but have since gained it all back and then some

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  •  Stance: 
    Well it's Day 5 (Saturday) - yesterday I had to flip flop afternoon snack with lunch because I was out and had nothing to eat but a protein bar In my purse so decided something better than nothing. Is this okay to do and should I have still recorded in the afternoon snack or like I did in the lunch which in turn gave me a red zone for the entire middle of day
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  •  Stance: 
    Today is Friday which means weigh in day for me it's also day 4. Yesterday was a good day, ate a fat loss plate the entire day and received an A- as a grade. The disappointing and discouraging part is the weight loss of only .8 of a pound for the week. Feeling very frustrated but trying to re- focus and stay on plan. Have a nice weekend everyone.
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    Well today is day 3 - a little recap of my previous days - Day 0 I focused on my measurements and ate what I wanted so completely in the RED "Fat Storing - Day 1 a little better but still in the "Fat Storing" - Day 2 was a good day I felt content with eating but had trouble eating every 2-3 hours but was able to finally be in the GREEN "Fat Burning"
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  •  JackieD: 
    Glad you have you in the community. I think staying connected to the community and sharing my journey has been a big factor in my success. Start a blog and share with others on the same journey. This will keep you accountable to yourself and others. Join us weekly in the chat room to for more tips and motivation. Great place to share and get your questions answered. Message me anytime if I can help.
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