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Misleading numbers

One habit I broke when starting FL's was weighing daily.  I was addicted to the scale.  FL's taught me that the scale lies and the tape measure is the best tool for keeping up with your true progress.  I'm so glad I know this because Monday I weighed...first time in several weeks.  I was up 5lbs!  WHAT???  How could that be?  When I started trying to figure out what I had been dawned on me how sick I have been the last 4 days.  I have had a terrible cold and had been taking a lot of over the counter cold meds.  I also had noticed a lot of water retention.  And honestly, I had slacked on my water intake when I should have been drinking even more to combat the cold.  So today I weighed again....the 5 lbs was gone!  WHEW!  So my point is...the scale lies. many factors can contribute to water weight.  Don't let the scale be your only tool for tracking your progress.  This is why I stress in the beginning to please measure as instructed in the materials.  Trust me you will be glad you did.  Had I not had the knowledge that FL's has taught me I would have been so discouraged and probably would have went back to some old habits.  Lesson for the day...don't let the scale set you up to fail. Stay clear of the daily weighing and be sure to measure!

Join me in the chat room Tuesday evenings for more support and motivation.  We gain so much from each other.


JackieD · 669 days ago
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04.19.2017 (669 days ago)
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