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How to handle negativity

I don't know about your family, friends and co-workers but I faced a lot of naysayers when I started the FL lifestyle.  And still...8 yrs later I run into negative comments even tough they have watched me reach my goal and maintain for over 7yrs.  

With that being said, I know comments...especially the negative ones can influence our attitude to continue through the hard times.  On the same note, when someone shows support and encouragement it helps us to press to reach our goal.  Focus on the positive people and if you need to....for a time....have less contact with the food pushers and negative people unless it's someone really close to you.  In that case you just have to steer clear of conversation pertaining to your new lifestyle.  They will eventually come around or give up trying to sabotage your efforts.

When we make changes we have to do it for ourselves.  When those around you try to tear you's about them.  It's their issue.  You don't have to defend your actions, you don't have to explain your meals, and you don't have to "own" their opinions.  Stay the forward.  When others see your efforts paying off...they will stop the negativity or even better, they will join you!

Change is hard but don't let the actions of others take away the prize...a healthier & happier YOU!

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JackieD · 904 days ago
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07.30.2017 (904 days ago)
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