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Holiday Survival

Happy 4th of July!  Many of you will be celebrating this week on our normal scheduled chat night so I will be in the chat room on Wednesday night at 8:00pm Central time.  Hope you can join me and we will discuss how you did staying on track with all the gatherings over the weekend and 4th of July celebrations.  It can be done!!  

Here are a few of my all time favorite tips:

Keep the celebration about the friends and family you are with instead of focusing on the food.  Why do we always make it about the menu/food?  I know that's the norm here in the South.  What about where you are from?  I we will go with visiting and chatting on the top of the list of our day...then food won't seem as tempting.  When you get to the gathering or picnic...survey the options and plan out your strategy.  Always pick out your protein choice then the fast and slow carb sides you want to compliment it.  If you have been following FL's for a while....let it be a boost meal.  You can have an extra fast carb option.  Just be mindful of the serving size.  This is a great time to increase your water intake for the day too!!   After you eat....join the kids with some activity or play time.  Just get up and move. Or sit and chat with your family/friends for 2 hours then you can have a sensible serving of a dessert.  It's one will not define your progress or goal.  Don't stress it.  

Join me Wednesday evening in the chat room and share your journey.

Have a happy and SAFE holiday!!


JackieD · 723 days ago
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07.03.2017 (723 days ago)
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