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Hello, I'm new

Hello, my name is Alice and I am new to Food Lovers.  I like the online program and ordered the kit.  I would like this to be the last eating plan I will ever need.  

ForeverYoung · 160 days ago
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  •  Jjones: 
    New to program. Need fat loss buddy.
     9 days ago 
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  •  Bella54: 
    Hello, I did this plan back in 2012 and did well with it. I stopped and tried different ones but now I'm back on it and hoping to lose the weight I've gained through the years. I hope I can stick with this and lose all the weight I need to and maintain it. I've already lost almost 3 lbs and feel real motivated to stick with this!
     11 days ago 
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  •  mdurra: 
    You are the newest to post.
     122 days ago 
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  •  JackieD: 
    Welcome to the community! Alice, I had tried so many diets and gimmicks. Bought all the magazines with headlines of promises to lose weight. Joined the gym. You name it.....then I saw the infomercial for Food Lovers in 2009. I haven't been on a diet since! I follow this's my norm. Please message me if I can help and join me on Tuesday nights in the chat room at 7:30 central and we will chat.
     158 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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08.15.2018 (160 days ago)
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