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Hello, I'm new

Hello, my name is Alice and I am new to Food Lovers.  I like the online program and ordered the kit.  I would like this to be the last eating plan I will ever need.  

ForeverYoung · 522 days ago
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  •  Evalen: 
    I know there are a lot of people on the FoodLovers. I would like to know where they are all posting, I am sure that a lot of them post. But here on the online Message board and blogs, it seems no one post anymore. So if there is another place here, face book, YouTube or else where, could someone let me know.
     309 days ago 
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  •  gbinge1: 
    i wake up in the morning but don't get out of bed , should i eat as soon as i get up out of bed, or should i eat in bed when i first get up.
     339 days ago 
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  •  Jjones: 
    New to program. Need fat loss buddy.
     371 days ago 
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  •  Bella54: 
    Hello, I did this plan back in 2012 and did well with it. I stopped and tried different ones but now I'm back on it and hoping to lose the weight I've gained through the years. I hope I can stick with this and lose all the weight I need to and maintain it. I've already lost almost 3 lbs and feel real motivated to stick with this!
     372 days ago 
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  •  mdurra: 
    You are the newest to post.
     483 days ago 
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08.15.2018 (522 days ago)
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