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Easter Meal

Many of you will be going to an event or cookout for the Easter weekend and may be wondering how you will handle the food!  Don't stress it....gatherings can be very enjoyable and very satisfying as far as your Fat Loss Meal is concerned.  Here are a few tips:

First scope out the menu.  Pick your protein of choice.  Next see what fast carbs are available.  Decide if you want 1 full portion or 2  half portions.  I say this because if I am having a burger...I will often have a sandwich round for my bun.  (I actually take my own if I am not hosting the cookout myself)  This is considered a 1/2 portion...then I can also have a 1/2 portion of potato salad to equal my 1 fast carb.  Then I will usually count the baked beans as my slow carb.  If there are grilled veggies available these would be even a better choice.

Make smart choices from what's available to you.  

Keep a bottle of water in hand throughout the day.  This will hydrate you but also keep you from mindless eating/nibbling.  And MOVE...get out of the lawn chair and have fun!  There's usually some type of activity included at a gathering..volleyball, horse shoes, swimming, or just playing with the kids.  Play and have fun.  That's what gatherings should be about...time with family and friends.  Take the focus off the food.  

Keep a positive mindset...don't give into negative thoughts.  IF you slip, take another small step forward and correct it with your next meal or snack and move forward on track.  Most of all...stay committed!

Have a great & safe weekend.

Happy Easter~


JackieD · 406 days ago
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04.14.2017 (406 days ago)
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