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Day 2 of 21

Well I should have posted about day one but to be short about it.....I did have my morning snack but left my afternoon snack then had to work overtime with no notice so I missed dinner at church and ended up eating one chicken strip and going to bed.  Today was much better!! I still have to work on the fat burning plate!! but as I said in chat tonight even if I am not perfect I am doing better than I would have if I did nothing.  Looking forward to day 3!! 

betbug · 1257 days ago
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  •  Journey: 
    Betsy I love when you say "even if I am not perfect, I am doing better than I would have, if I did nothing." See you and Jackie and the other ladies in the chat room tonight.
     1256 days ago 
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  •  JackieD: 
    Good mindset, Betsy! Keep it going!
     1256 days ago 
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08.11.2016 (1257 days ago)
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