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Due to conflict in my schedule this week I hosted the Chat last night (Friday).  I was concerned that there would not be many there due to the change and the fact it being a Friday evening.  Well, I was so happy to see 4 of our community that had not been able to attend the chats in a while.  It was like a FL reunion!  So glad you all dropped in and super happy to hear that all of you are still living the FL lifestyle!  It's the best!  The only thing lifestyle change that I have been able to make my norm....going on 9 yrs now.  

If you haven't been to the chat room on Tuesday nights...we start at 7:30 central and end ???  when we get finished.  lol....last night it was after 10:00.  I would encourage you to come to the chat room this Tuesday night and meet others that are on the same journey.  We may be at different starting points and stages but the goal is the same...leaner and healthier lifestyles. 

Have a good weekend!


JackieD · 426 days ago
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03.25.2017 (426 days ago)
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