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Bump in the Road

I had a member email this past week feeling she was defeated and had slipped off track beyond continuing.  If you find yourself in this situation....don't revert back to your "diet mentality".  In the past you probably started a "diet" on a Monday and did great for a few days then a special event or stressful day happened and you slipped.  Sound familiar?  Food Lovers is so forgiving.  I like to tell everyone that I "coach" that a slip can be corrected in 2-3 hrs with a better choice, a FL friendly meal or snack.  Then move on as you have been doing prior to the slip.  It's tempting to think that the new lifestyle is too challenging or you have failed so why not go ahead and eat your old ways the rest of the day.  Change your thinking...think this was only a temporarily short term bump in the road. Don't let negative thoughts take over. Mistakes happen just brush yourself off and look at the next snack or meal as a chance to start over.  Don't delay.  

Join me Tuesday night at 7:30 central for a live chat.  We are very informal and welcome everyone regardless of how long you have been following the lifestyle.


JackieD · 866 days ago
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05.08.2017 (866 days ago)
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