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I know one of the important factors of weight loss is sleep.  I preach it all the time but lately I have not been practicing what I preach.  So I'm putting it out there in hopes of making myself accountable to not only myself but to YOU.  I get up each wor
JackieD · 955 days ago

Happy Halloween!  By now you have probably bought your Halloween candy but either way I wanted to touch on a few ideas and tips to help you avoid over indulging.  The best tip I ever read was buy candy you don't like. lol....I'm mean really!  You won't eat
JackieD · 966 days ago

Hi All, Been a long time! Sorry been a little swamped and getting back on track really blew it 5-6 weeks ago and slipped from my food lovers way. Been focusing on my main website . I explain on the video. Have a great week!
StormanNorman · 969 days ago

This week's chat session will be back on regular time...Tuesday evening at 7:30 central time.  Hope you can join me.  With the Holidays quickly approaching we need to start planning our course.  You CAN enjoy the foods, gatherings, and meals without packin
JackieD · 973 days ago

Hey all!  Hope you are having a good week and staying on track and making the best choices you can with where you are and what's available.   Just wanted to let you know that I will not be in the Chat room on the regular night(Tuesday) but instead we will
JackieD · 979 days ago

Don't for get the live chat tonight in(Tuesday) the chat room.  If you are a newbie I would encourage you to join us.  It's a great place/way to meet others on the same journey!  It begins at 7:30 central but you can come and go as you can....we are genera
JackieD · 986 days ago

I know I have shared info on the 80/20 Rule before but from time to time I like to post it again for any newbies.  Part of the reason I have been able to make the foundation of the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover my permanent lifestyle is there is never a feeli
JackieD · 995 days ago

When we started our Group Metabolism Makeover, I stated I would be sending out a FL prize to a participant that stuck with it and released inches and pounds.  If you stuck with it or made positive are a winner too!!  I am sending beautiful_me
JackieD · 1011 days ago

I was asked this question recently.  "What's the better form of oats?"  Oatmeal is a great fat loss meal and there are several ways you can make it your fast carb for breakfast.  You can quickly create a fat loss solo with oatmeal as well.  I personally ha
JackieD · 1016 days ago

So you just finished the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover....and you are wondering "now what?"  After you reset your metabolism to fat burning mode and you have learned the foundation of the's time to decide on which path/strategy you will continue
JackieD · 1022 days ago
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