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Hi All, Things are good and enjoy video.  New Contigo Mug I have been using: New Electric Kettle I got to make great tea:
StormanNorman · 526 days ago

Our group has grown and we still have room for YOU!  Go to the Groups tab above and click to find the Group MM.  I post each day a short guide for the day then you can post how you are doing.  A little check in so to speak.  It really helps to have others
JackieD · 534 days ago

We had a great chat last night with 3 newbies.  Everyone is excited to be in the community.  Some have been away for a while but coming back because they know FL's works!  I just posted Day 2 in the groups.  Be sure to check it out and post and let us know
JackieD · 536 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have now created the Group for the 2017 Group Metabolism Makeover.  Please join me in making small tweaks that will bring about big changes.  No dieting allowed....just simply doable changes.  I will be in the chat room Tuesday evening s
JackieD · 539 days ago

Yesterday I celebrated my 7th year following the Food Lovers lifestyle.  As I look back over the last 7 yrs I give credit to this lifestyle for changing so many areas in my life.  I have more confidence now, I generally feel better, I think I look better  
JackieD · 544 days ago

It's that time of year again...the Holidays will soon be behind us...hopefully not literally.  (think on that a minute - you'll get it lol)  If you have been in the community for a while you know I start the New Year off with a Group Metabolism Makeover.  
JackieD · 554 days ago

Just a reminder...I will be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central....hope you can join me.   With the Holidays surrounding us, how are you doing?  If you slip a little don't feel defeated and give long as you are making conscious decisions...y
JackieD · 557 days ago

My wife has asked me to help with the grocery list. To get us all in the household eating the food lovers lifestyle again. The problem is I have been on the road a lot more and been asked to cover outside my territory and mostly been home on the weekends.
StormanNorman · 575 days ago

This week I will be in the chat room on Monday night 8:00 pm central due to scheduling conflict with the Thanksgiving Holiday.   With Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to share some of my tips for surviving without derailing.  I always remind everyone on a
JackieD · 581 days ago

I know one of the important factors of weight loss is sleep.  I preach it all the time but lately I have not been practicing what I preach.  So I'm putting it out there in hopes of making myself accountable to not only myself but to YOU.  I get up each wor
JackieD · 590 days ago
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