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We are less than a week away from completing the Group 21 Day Metabolism Makeover....join me tonight in the chat room and share how it's going for you and have any questions answered you might have at this point.   Remember this is a lifestyle...not a diet
JackieD · 888 days ago

Hi All, Things are good and enjoy video.  New Contigo Mug I have been using: New Electric Kettle I got to make great tea:
StormanNorman · 891 days ago

Our group has grown and we still have room for YOU!  Go to the Groups tab above and click to find the Group MM.  I post each day a short guide for the day then you can post how you are doing.  A little check in so to speak.  It really helps to have others
JackieD · 899 days ago

We had a great chat last night with 3 newbies.  Everyone is excited to be in the community.  Some have been away for a while but coming back because they know FL's works!  I just posted Day 2 in the groups.  Be sure to check it out and post and let us know
JackieD · 901 days ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have now created the Group for the 2017 Group Metabolism Makeover.  Please join me in making small tweaks that will bring about big changes.  No dieting allowed....just simply doable changes.  I will be in the chat room Tuesday evening s
JackieD · 904 days ago

Yesterday I celebrated my 7th year following the Food Lovers lifestyle.  As I look back over the last 7 yrs I give credit to this lifestyle for changing so many areas in my life.  I have more confidence now, I generally feel better, I think I look better  
JackieD · 910 days ago

It's that time of year again...the Holidays will soon be behind us...hopefully not literally.  (think on that a minute - you'll get it lol)  If you have been in the community for a while you know I start the New Year off with a Group Metabolism Makeover.  
JackieD · 919 days ago

Just a reminder...I will be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central....hope you can join me.   With the Holidays surrounding us, how are you doing?  If you slip a little don't feel defeated and give long as you are making conscious decisions...y
JackieD · 923 days ago

My wife has asked me to help with the grocery list. To get us all in the household eating the food lovers lifestyle again. The problem is I have been on the road a lot more and been asked to cover outside my territory and mostly been home on the weekends.
StormanNorman · 940 days ago

This week I will be in the chat room on Monday night 8:00 pm central due to scheduling conflict with the Thanksgiving Holiday.   With Thanksgiving approaching I wanted to share some of my tips for surviving without derailing.  I always remind everyone on a
JackieD · 946 days ago
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