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Finally living life free from diets!   
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Name: Norrie's Journey Towards a Healthier Self Description: How I'll use the Food Lovers Plan to reach my weight loss goals. This blog will detail my daily routines. I'll share recipes, exercises, motivational posting, etc..
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I am using this blog to document my journey to a better me
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Hi, I am Elva Batie and Really like it. One of the items I love most is jogging therefore will never stop it.
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Day 2 - The online program is saving me. I am able to determine when Ive made a good fat loss plate.  Im finding out that I am not eating enough food. Ive been able to eat what I want in proper portions.  Maybe I can do this!
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Welcome to the Blog side where I will try to give you helpful links to work out tips, videos, food and other ideas.
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