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  •  bjabdullah: 
    This is my first blog. I decided to join the forum today as support to stay on track. So far in 2014 I've dropped 40 pounds, which I thought was really slow, until I realized just how much weight it is. Now I'm happy for some success and realize I'm half way there. I started Food Lover's at the beginning of the year and lost 15 pound and then hit a plateau. In May I "qualified" for a low carb program, then in October a "preventive" low fat program. All this can be confusing had I not already done the food lovers program first. Well over Thanksgiving I gained 3 pounds in two days. So I went back on the Food Lover's and in just 7 days I've lost 4. I know the program says we are not supposed to weigh but I was curious. The principle learned here are the best and balanced information. I'm thankful.
     1870 days ago 
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