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Big guy who drives truck.

My goal is to be as close to 125 lbs as I can be
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  •  Journey: 
    That is a great profile Aaron - way to go!
     1106 days ago 
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  •  JackieD: 
    Welcome to the community! You are doing great!! I look forward to following your journey! Hope you can make it the chats each week!
     1107 days ago 
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  •  aaronjthompson: 
    Hi my name is Aaron and since I can remember I have always been large to 4X in size. A couple of years ago I saw the add for food lovers. It looked like the most realistic weight loss program I've seen. I have tried so many. So the wife and I figured why not try one more, what have we too lose 1:More money down the tube or 2:Loose the weight.
    Well the pounds came off. I went from 340lbs down to 265lbs and felt great. The problem was I didn't stick to the program after the 7day size down. Well needless to say the weight came back and I once again found myself back at 340lbs. I felt so depressed and didn't care to try anymore.
    I seemed like I was resigned to be 4X for the rest of my life. Then in 2014 the government changed its regulations on truck drivers. Well I now have to use a CPAP. This is really hard for me to do because I am excessively claustrophobic. Some nights it feels like I'm being smothered and can't breath event though the machine does just the opposite it helps you breath. Well the only way to get rid of the CPAP is to loose the weight. So here I am 5 years later on the program again. The difference is me. This time I am really reading the 21 day metabolism make over and sticking to it. It has been 18days so far and I have lost over 10lbs because all my clothes are becoming loose on me. Also If I don't use my CPAP to a certain % I loose my ability to drive truck. No driving no income. I am even more determined to live a foodlovers life for the rest of my life than I was before and I am finding it a lot easier to do now that I am really reading the many books you get with the program. It is as simple as Robert says in the videos and books anything CAN be eaten as long as it is done in the fatloss way.

    Thank You
     1109 days ago 
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