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I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Now that I am at my heaviest I'm more depressed and unhappy then I've ever been. When I was 14 I was put on predizone for a medical condition and went from 120 to 160 in just over a month. My junior year I was taken off the medication and I lost all the weight and was back down to 120 again with the confidence of a Lion. Over the years I've let my body go and just ate what ever I wanted not even realizing what it was doing to my body. I recently got married and even though everyone said I was gorgeous on my wedding day all I see is the weight. My husband and I got the green light to have kids even with all my medical conditions which put me high risk, with the weight I'm carriing it endangers me even more. SO we decided together as a family we would change both of our lives and become healthy as a team. My husband has struggled with his weight all his life as well and he's built big to begin with so the weight doesn't help his or his medical conditions. This is a new beginning for the both of us.
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