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  1. I am 62 and way too fat. I have never been this fat in my life. I was told that I have the metabolism of a 79 year old woman. Are you kidding me?

I am physically active and no amount of dieting or exercise can help me to lose this weight. I am 50 lbs more than I should be and feel like The Michelin Man.

I cannot wait to begin for this weight to come off and change my metabolic rate.

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  •  effiesue: 
    michelin man, that's how I describe myself!
     1264 days ago 
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  •  tatrinas: 
    I want to lose about 25 pounds myself. When did you start your 21 days? I plan to start Monday. I would be glad to be your buddy. Let's do this.
     1421 days ago 
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