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Canadian Farmgirl

I'm a 40 year old Canadian woman who needs to loose about 60 lbs, I've tried so many different "diet" programs that I've lost count!  So far I'm really liking the food lovers system!  It is the first system that has made sense to me!

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  •  Suziej3: 
    Gotten off track! For the past week I have completely gotten off track, with vacation time, birthday celebration and getting together with family I've gone back to old habits........I am committing to trying again! I have " gotten off track " before but this time I'm getting back on quicker! I do not want to give up! And at the same time I am honouring 9 weeks tobacco free!
    And so I will begin at the beginning with a 'do over' of the first 21 days! I will succeed despite some set backs and I will also figure out how to deal with family gatherings and celebrations so that I truly become a 'food lover for life'!!
     1957 days ago 
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  •  Suziej3: 
    After the first week of F-L for life I'm down another 1.6 lbs, slightly disappointed for some reason! I guess I was hoping for some inches as well, but I'm loving all the energy!
     1988 days ago 
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  •  Suziej3: 
    I have now completed the 21 day phase of the program! Lost 6 lbs, 8.07 of fat , gained 2.7 lbs lean body mass! I am completely happy with my results and am moving to the next phase!!
     1993 days ago 
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