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  •  Anonymous: 
    Hi, Sonnie!

    Right now there's a 21-day Metabolism Makeover group that just started on Monday, so it's perfect timing for you. Today is Day 11 for those of us who joined the group. Some members are brand new; some are re-doing the 21 days. To join the group, go to: ps/view/21-Day-Metabolism-Makeover- May-5-Group and click on the "join" tab in the top left corner. That's it. Or you can go to the Groups tab at the top of the page, click on the 21-day MM Group and then click on the "join" tab in the top left corner. Some of the posts may be helpful as you journey through the 21 days. Members will be posting messages during the day. Jackie and Norman are our facilitators for the group and they will set the focus for each day. Great way to "meet" people. During these 21-days, the weekly online chats on Tuesdays and Thursdays will focus on whatever day it is in the 21-day MM that we're studying that day. As Jackie D. said, however, "We will focus on the 21 Day MM but it is not limited to this so bring any questions you have and come join us!" It would be great to have you! It's important to take time for you and to be good to yourself!

    God bless!

    Mart :)
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Hi, Sonnie!

    Welcome to the Food Lover Family!

    Welcome to the Food Lovers family! Glad to have you as a friend. How exciting for you and your sisters. Congratulations!

    Please join us in the chat room with Jackie D. on Tuesdays and StormanNorman on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (central)/8:30 p.m. (eastern). We'd love to have you!

    Have sent you a befriend request.

    Also if you'd like, feel free to message me at any time.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Have a great FL bank.

    Take care. God bless!

    Mart :)
     2041 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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