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I WILL reach my goal!

My name is Judy, I live in Ontario, Canada, and  have been on every diet known to man with no success at all.

I was born and raised in Birmingham, England during World War 11, and have battled with my weight all my life being over 13lbs at birth.  I was the 3rd child of 5 and my Mother said I looked like a 3 month old at birth.  She had her hands full with a 2yr old, 14 month old and me.  She had all 5 children within 8 yrs.

I was always the "chubby" one.

I came to Canada in 1967 when I was 25.

Since retirement in 2000, and the loss of my dear Mom the same year, my health took a nasty turn for the worse when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I went into denial about my weight, and the lbs kept piling on.  I lived that way for over 12 years, but knew deep down that I was killing myself, and I really needed to change.

I had been Hospitalized, in both 2011 and 2012, with Cellulitis and severe swelling in my lower legs and feet.  Doctors could not reduce the swelling, but did control the Cellulitis.  Had to wear compression hose and sleep with my feet up at night.

Could not sleep at night, and overall health was going downhill fast.  During one of these sleepless nights I turned on TV and the Food Lovers Infomercial was on.  I liked what I saw, and thought to myself "I can do that" so I ordered it there and then.  Not going to think about it and maybe change my mind.

It's the best gift I ever gave to myself and I love it.

I thank our dear Lord for guiding me that night.

Started on the 17th November 2012 and I am on day 18 of the 21 day Metabolism Makeover. I must admit I feel so much better about myself already. My legs are almost back to normal, and the compression hose are GONE!
I know I can manage this plan, and succeed in losing the weight I need to lose.

Day 21 will make or break me,  I am sure I have lost some, but am anxious to see how much - had to hide the scales Wink.

Having a problem with keeping up with the exercise programs, can't get past the 12 minute ones so right now I am alternating between those and doing my exercise bike daily.  My short term goal is to be able to do both a 12 minute video workout and 15 minutes on my bike every day and slowly move up to the 24 and 36 minute videos when the weight, hopefully, comes off.

I realise that I may need help along the way, and I am looking for success stories to keep me motivated.

Have met some wonderful people here and they are such a great inspiration.

Completed my 21 day makeover with great results - they blew my mind - 29 lbs down and 21" lost overall.  I was jumping through hoops.Smile

Now starting week 1 with great anticipation.

Week 1 results - 4 lbs down and 5" lost overall.

Woo Hoo!  - Bring on week 2!

Week 2 results - 3 lbs down and 5.5" lost.

Did a happy dance.

Now for week 3 - Christmas week - it's gonna be tough.

Have to give up on the 12 min. videos right now, they are screwing up my back.  Have upped my bike time to one 30 minute session a day.

Week 3 results - 2 lbs and 5.5" lost - happy with that. Couple of pounds a week and I will be where I want to be in less than a year. WOO HOO!

Total lost to date - 38 lbs -  love it, love it, love it. Laughing

5 days in to week 4, but going to put it on hold and do the 7 day sizedown with my buds on Jan 3rd.  Will pick up week 4 on the 10th.

Weighed in for the 7 day size down, lost 2 lbs in the 5 days done of week 4.

Jan 10 - Finished the 7 day size down with great results. Lost another 6 lbs.

Total lost to date 46lbs.

Now on to finish week 4.

Finished week 4, no weight loss in last 2 days of wk 4 but 12.5" lost on week 4 and 7 day size down

Jan. 12th - Starting week 5 today.

Week 5 results - no weight loss but no gain either, but did lose 2" from my waistSmile

Total weight lost to date 46lbs. 

Completed the journal that came with my pack, but I am going to continue journaling, with a spiral note book that fits nicely into my FL binder.  Must continue to keep track of meal and snack times, what I ate at each, my water consumption and my exercise.

NOT going to count calories, because this is NOT a diet.  This is a a new lifestyle I have chosen for myself, and will keep my journal going until I reach my desired weight.

Jan 26 - Week 6 results no loss no gain - gave in to temptations, will leave it at that!Yell

Feb 2 - Week 7 results - down another 1 lb! Scales came out of hibernation!  Woo HooTongue out

Feb 9 - week 8 results - lost 3 lbs - WOW - hit the big 50!!   Did manage to do the 12 minute Fat Burning exercise every day, guess it paid off.  Going to try to do the 24 minute one this week! but make myself no promises.

Doing the Happy Dance today.

Feb 16 - 3 months into program and it's still working!Surprised

Good news and bad news this week!

Good news -   lost another 2 lbs, even tho I ate out 3 nights during the week.Surprised

Bad news - Feet and legs began to swell again for the first time since joining FL.  I had stopped riding my exercise bike, in order to concentrate on the 24 minute video. Cry

I now realize that I MUST ride my bike for 30 minutes every day in order to keep the circulation in my legs moving.  Will do it along with the 12 minute Fat Burn until Spring, when I will be able to get out and walk every day, or chase my lawnmower around!Smile

Feb.22 - Tried something different last week!  I ate more than I had been eating - but stayed within the calorie range for each meal/snack.

Lost another lb and 7" overall!  Woo Hoo!  I will settle for that, happy with just 1 lb a week.

Continuing on my journey with great expectations!

March 1 - Bad week!!!!!

Legs and feet swollen up again, painful hip and back all week and feeling very bloated!

Result - gained 2lbs. Cry

March 2nd - 22nd going to re-do the 21 day MM with Melissa.  Will update after that.

March 23 - 21 Day makeover re-do results.

Lost 13 lbs and 5" over all.  I am ecstatic with that!

Continuing on this exciting journey I will weigh in weekly and measure monthly.

March 30th - Completed week 17, NO loss but NO gain, so can not complain!

Intend to shake things up a bit for week 18.

April 6 - week 18.

Had a very stressful week due to the personal problems in my life.  Slipped off the train a couple of times and was tempted to throw in the towel!  Knowing that would only add to my stress I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and hopped back on board, and I am so happy I did.

Weighed in this morning, and to my great surprise, I have dropped another 4 lbs.

Doing the HAPPY DANCE today!

Also lost a few inches here and there, bringing my total loss to 51" overall.

Hopefully, my personal "problem" will be out of my life by the end of this month, taking with him the huge knot in my stomach and ALL of my stress.

April 6th - week 19.

Bad week - Took a spill on Tuesday, breaking one rib.  Got a terrible ice storm on Thursday taking our power out for 90 solid hours.  Being all electric we had no heat, no water, and no means of cooking!  Needless to say my train derailed as I sat and froze for 3 whole days.  Did step on the scales on Saturday morning and was only up 1 lb, so it could have been much worse.  Back on the train now, so hope for a much better week 20.

April 27th.

Have been under a great deal of stress these past few weeks due to personal problems not yet resolved.   Have not been following the plan, just watching my portion control when eating.  Stepped on the scale this morning and had lost another 6 lbs, bringing my total to 74 lbs. Woo Hoo!!!!

May 4th

Had a good week this week, my personal problems are just about over, and my stress level has really gone down.  Stepped on my scale this morning and it was down another 3 lbs.

We finally have some nice weather and I am now able to get out and clean up my property.  It will most probably take me all Summer to do, but it will get done - I now have the energy to do it.


Celebrations were taking place this past week, when the personal problem in my life got resolved.  I finally put an end to my 39 year misserable marriage.  I thank God, FL and all my dear FL friends for giving me the courage to do it.  I am now at peace with myself, and I love it.

I did fall of the train a couple of times due to celebrations, but I am happy to say that I stepped on the scales for my weekly weigh in this morning, and despite my celebrations, I still lost a pound. Woo Hoo!

Getting back on the train today, and intend going full steam ahead.

May 18th - 6 months on FL.

Yesterday I celebrated 6 months on FL and what a great 6 months it's been.  I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreamingSmile

I have not only lost the weight but have regained my self esteem, giving me the courage to change my entire life.  I have not been this happy in years.

Did my weekly weigh in this morning, and was delighted to see another 2 lbs GONE.  This brings my total to 80 lbs.  Doing the Happy Dance today.

May 24th.

Another week down and another 4 lbs gone!  Got lots of exercise in this week, cutting grass and gardening.

How I love my new lifestyle, eating healthy and living in peace.

June 1st

Worked hard on my property again this week, and again it paid off.  Weighed in this morning and I have dropped another 2 lbs. WOO HOO.  Only 39 more to my FIRST goal.

June 8th.

Even though the last 3 days of this week has been cold and very wet I kept myself busy cleaning my house and sprucing up my garage.

I know that I have to keep moving and it paid off.

I lost another 2.lbs. Love it, Love it, Love it.

June 15th.

I became a bit neglegent this week losing track of time, missing several snacks and having the tendency to over eat at Supper time.

Weighed in this morning and am pleased to see that I still lost

WOO-HOO I am happy with that.

June 22/2013

Worked hard again this week, and again it paid off.  Stepped on my scales this morning and was delighted to see another 2.4 lbs GONE. Love to see a couple of pounds taking a one way trip each week.  I am getting closer to my first goal, and I feel terrific.

June 29th.

Bad week!  Lots of rain and humidity, little exercise, flare up of fibro and swelling in feet.

Result - UP 2 lbsEmbarassed

July 6th

Had a good week this week - weather brightened up and I was able to get out and do some more cleaning up.  My property is now all cut and raked up, thank goodness.  I will never let the grass get that long again.

Lost the 2 lbs I put on last week, plus an additional 2 lbs WooHoo.

Juy 13th

Weighed in this morning and happy to see I am down another 2 lbs.

Edging closer to 100 lbs lost!

Feeling GREAT and loving life.

July 20th

Went on a mini vacation last week and ate out a LOT.  Tried to stick with the lighter side of the menus when ordering, but did endulge in Chinese Buffet one day, and a T'Bone steak on another day.

Weighed in this morning and was delighted to see another pound gone!

Thank you Jesus.

July 27th.

After a relatively lazy week, due to high temps draining a lot of my energy, I weighed in this morning and was happy to see .08 of a lb gone.

My scales are still going down, no matter how little, and that makes me happy.

This brings my total loss to 96.6 lbs, getting a little closer to that magic 100.  WooHoo .

August 9th

Weighed in 1 day early this week as I am heading out on another mini vacation today.  Still edging towads the magical 100 lbs lost, and did get another half pound closer, bringing my total lost to 98.2 lbs.

August 17th - Exctly 9 months on FLFL.

Went on another 6 day vacation this week but managed to stay pretty much on trac . Did a lot of walking, but did endulge in a couple of meals that were not FL plates!  I did some exercise each day, stepped on my scales this morning and was delighted to see another pound GONE, bringing my total to 99.2 lbs.

SO CLOSE to that magical 100, but WILL get there this week.

August 24th


Hit that magical 100 lbs lost mile stone. WooHoo Laughing

Still got a long way to go, but  am moving on, with great anticipation, to get my sunbeam to the mound and reaching my first FLFL target.

How I love this lifestyle. Thank you Lord, FLFL and all my buddies here for making this possible, I could not have done it without you.

August 30th

Had a dear friend of mine here for 3 days this week, so I did indulge a little during her visit, and my exercising took a mighty dive.

My weigh in this morning showed a loss of .02 of a lb, and as small as that is I did a little dance.  At least it's still going in the right direction.

Sept. 7th - Bad week!

Guess all my clebrations on losing 100 lbs caught up with me this past week.

Stepped on my scales this morning for my weekly weigh in and am UP almost a lb. Cry

Got to get back on track and get above that 100 mark lost again this week.

I CAN and WILL do it.Cool

Sept. 14th - I did it!

Got back on the train this week, stepped on my scales this morning and was so pleased to see I had dropped what I put on last week, plus a little.  This brings my total to exactly 101 lbs GONE.

Not going to celebrate again until I reach my first goal of 125 lbs lost.Tongue out

Sept. 21st - another good week.

Weather was great for working outdoors this week, and I took full advantage of it.  Got out and worked on my gardens, and cut my grass. Stepped on scales this moring for my weekly weigh in and my scale read 215.8

WooHoo, dropped another 3.2 lbs, bringing my total loss to 104.2

I love my new lifestyle, knowing I can eat all the foods I love and still lose weight, having so much energy enabling me to do all the things I love to do and enjoying life in general.

Sept. 28th.

Bad week this week - terrible sinus infection and swelling in my feet again resulting in two sleepless nights, and too much nibbling.

Results - UP 3 lbs.  Hoping for a much better week this week.

October 12th.

Not been feeling good for the past couple of weeks, bad sinus infection and swelling in legs and feet, and became derailed.  Weighed in this morning and am down 1.6 lb to 217.2 so I am now going in the right direction once again.

October 19th - 11 months on FL.

After 3 weeks of yo-yoing I decided to go back to basics, and started the 21 day mm again.  I thought I was eating more following the 21 day mm that I had been eating for the past 3 weeks, and was very dubious about it, so stepped on the scales this morning for my usual Saturday morning weigh in and was blown away to see I had lost 3 lbs.  This brings my total lost to 107 lbs Woo-Hoo.

I intend to contine on the makeover, but will weigh in weekly.


Busy week with this week, including a most enjoyable annual Dinner meeting at the Best Western Hotel.  I did treat the day as a boost day, but still endulged more than I should have, especially when it came to the desert table!   Also had a lot of running around to do this week, so meals and snacks were not eaten on time.  However, I did try to stay on track as much as possible.

Did my weekly weigh in this morning and was delighted to see another pound gone. Woo-Hoo getting closer to my first target weight, and getting my sun beam closer to the mound.

Nov. 2nd 2013

Eased up on the exercise this week as the weather only allowed me to get outside and work for 2 days.

Happy to see no loss but no gain.  Going to start doing the 12 min video each morning in hopes of kicking it up a bit.

Nov. 16th 2013.

This weekend marks my 12 month anniversary on the FL train, and what a great year it has been.  Total loss in this one short year 108.4 lbs.  WooHoo

After yo-yoing up and down for the past two weeks my scales finally started going in the right direction again this week.  Weather has changed dramatically, being really cold and miserable, so my outdoor exercise came to a drastic halt. Must now get into an indooor exercise program, which is not going to be easy! 16.4 lbs to go to reach my first goal. November 30/2013

Think I have hit my first plateau, as my weight has been fluctuating, by a couple of pounds, up and down for the last 3 weeks.  Not going to worry about it too much and hope it passes soon.  Not going to make any drastic changes this side of Christmas, but may have to do a restart in the New Year.

Still sitting at 108 lbs lost and am happy with that for now.

Dec. 7/2013

After being in a mini plateau, with my weight bouncing up and down over the last month, I think I am back on track now.

Weighed in this morning and was down over a pound this week, to the lowest weight I can ever remember being.

Total lost to date - 109.8 lbs  Woo-Hoo Smile


The last 2 weeks have been good, losing another 2.6 lbs.

This brings my total loss to 112.4 lbs - YIPPEE - closing in on my first target weight of 195 lbs.

March 22/2014

Have not been true to the plan since Christmas due to the Winter from HELL we have endured this year.  It has taken all my energy and effort just to keep the snow and ice away from my door.  I have NEVER experienced a Winter like this before, and I have found it very depressing.  I pray to God it will end soon so I can hop back on the FL train and once again begin my journey to a slimmer and healthier lifestyle.  Good news is that even though I have not lost any weight since falling off the train, I weighed this morning and am delighted to see that I have not gained any either. WooHoo!!!!

Even though I still have mountains of snow outside my house, and we got another small snow storm last night, the sun comes out every day now, which makes be believe that Spring is indeed in the air.

Today I intend to once again stick to the FL plan and fully intend updating my progress weekly.

May God Bless us all.

March 29/2014

Woohoo - Spring is finally in the air!!!  Had a few nice days this week and was able to get out and move some ice.  Rained all day yesterday, but it hardly put a dent in the snow and ice that remains, but I have been getting lots of exercise helping it along.  It paid off big time as I dropped another 2.2 lbs. bringing me closer to my first goal.

Back on track now and intend to stay that way.

April 5/2014

Only lost 3/4 of a pound this week, but that is better than gaining any back.  Weather is getting much better now, so hoping to get out and exercise more as I still have lots of ice to chip away at!!!

April 10/2014

Another week down and another 2/10ths of a pound closer to my target.  Yes, it's getting harder to shed the pounds now, but as long as the scale goes in the right direction I can live with any loss, be it small or big. 

April 26/2014

Had a few unexpected set backs this past couple of weeks, and did not stay on FL plan when it came to eating times.   Did not lose but did not gain either, so am happy to see that I can at least maintain my present weight without being 100% true to FL.

Back on track now and hope to see a couple of pounds drop this week!

May 3/2014

Glad to see the end of April as it was not a good month for me. 

Only managed lose one pound in the month, but am delighted that I did not gain any weight back!  This convinces me that I am able to live this lifestyle for the rest of my life.

I do need to get the scales moving downward again so I am going to join Jackie's group for the 21 day makeover re-do on May 5th with great anticipation of getting closer to my first target of 125 lbs. lost and knocking my pitcher off his mound.

May 26/2014.Finished the 21day mm makeover again with a loss of 4.4 lbs. and 7" lost overall.  Was hoping to get under the 200 lb. mark but did not quite make it.  I am hoping to do that this week so I can set my pitcher back a few steps in order to reach my final target weight.


Up a pound this week - eased off a little after completing he 21 day mm makeover.  Hoping to get back into the swing of things this week.

June 7/2014

Weighed in this morning and was delighted to see that I was down 1.2 lb. this week so managed to lose what I gained last week. 

Still fighting to get under the 200 lb. mark but still determined to get there.

June 14/2014

Weighed in this morning at 202 even, that's down another pound from last week.  As long as the scale is going in the right direction I am HAPPY!!!Just 7lbs to go to reach my first target weight and 27lbs to my doctors recommended  weight for my height and bone structure and I would be very happy with that.

July 2/2014

Took a break from FL

Weighed in last Saturday at 202.1, staying right where I was 2 weeks ago.  Mind you, I am not complaining, as I have been enjoying a social life for the last 2 weeks.  That is something I have not done for years.   I have been to a couple of BBQs, a Strawberry Supper and the best of them all was a Garden Party that was put on by a couple of local artists the Saturday before.  Needless to say, none of them were FL friendly, but I let my hair down and enjoyed them all. 

I was really surprised that I had not gained any weight back, but was thrilled that I had not.

Planning on going to another BBQ this afternoon, in celebration of Canada Day today, but will get back on the train tomorrow.


Weighed in this morning - 200 lbs. even bringing my total loss to date to 120 lbs. woohoo.  Would have loved to have got into the 190s, but hope to do that this week.

August 11/2014

Really struggling last few weeks.

For the past few weeks staying aboard the FL train has been a real struggle for me, and I have become very depressed.  My legs and feet have really swollen up again and I have been told to keep them up as much as possible - hence becoming very inactive and not doing any exercise.  My weight has fluctuated between  200-204, for which I am grateful, as it could have gone up much more.  Thankfully my feet are beginning to return to normal now, and I can concentrate on going full steam ahead to get below that magical 200 lb mark and lifting my spirits enabling me to kick my depression to the curb again.

September 27/2014.

After being stuck on a plateau for several weeks now my scales are finally going down again.  Weighed in this morning at 200.4 but still can't seem to get under that 200 lbs mark!!!

I am hoping to do that this week.

January 27/2015

It's been a long time since I updated, but I am back now and do intend to get back into it full swing.

Overindulged over to Holidays and my weight went up 7.lbs.  That infuriated me and I started to 21 day mm on January 1st.  I was doing good but got sick with a stomach bug on the 2nd week which really through a snag in it.  Picked it up where I left off last week and happy to say I have managed to drop the weight I put on - Woo-Hoo.

Still not below that 200 mark, as my scales read 202 but I am now determined to get below 200 this week.

February 1/2015

Did my weekly weigh in yesterday and scales read 199.6 lbs.  Woo-Hoo got below the 200 lb mark once again.   I am so determined to keep it that way and get to my goal of 175.

Feb. 14/2015

Weighed in this morning and was delighted to see 197 on my scales.  Woo-Hoo I feel great!!

This brings my total loss to date 123.lbs.

I can not remember the last time I felt this good about myself and I love it.

February 21/2015

Did my weekly weigh in today and was delighted to see 195.4 lbs on my scale.

Only 4/10ths of a lb to go to reach my first FL goal of 125 lbs LOST forever.

Hope to get that, plus a little more, off this week so I can set a new FL goal for myself.

I will make my goal!!!!

March 7/2015

Even though I have had a terrible cold for the past couple of weeks, which left me with a touch of pneumonia, I found staying on board the FL train very difficult.  Needless to say my weigh in this morning was a great surprise when my scales read 193.4 lbs.  WooHoo this puts me below my first target weight of 195 lbs. 

This brings my total loss to 126.6 lbs.

I have now set my picher back on his mound in order to reach my second goal of 175.lbs, and know I will get there.

April 18/2015

Been battling a nasty virus for the past 6 weeks with my ;weight going due to not being able to eat on time.  Did manage to get back on schedule this past couple of weeks  and happy to say my scales went down to 192 lbs.  Hope it continues that way. 

July 19/2015

Long time with no update and the news is not good.  Scales have gone up 5 lbs !!!!

Time to get back to basics and get the scales going down again.

August 8/2015

The past two months have been extremely stressful for me with so much going wrong!!! 

It started out when I lost one of my little dogs in early June.  I had only had her a couple of months as I got her from a fellow Foster Mother who said she did not want her any more.  She was a little Pom and I thought she would be great company for my Pom, which she was.  I knew something was wrong with her as she had no energy and was not eating much at all.  Took her to the Vet and found out she had a huge tumor in her abdomen.  They did everything they could  for her, but she went into cardiac arrest and died.  Now I know why her previous owner did not want her anymore.  I got stuck with the $600.00 vet bill.

Next my van had problems and had to get that fixed. 

Then the mowing deck fell off my tractor as the housing had snapped, had to get that fixed.

Then my computer quit on me, and I had to get a new one.

As if that was not enough, we then got the tail end of a tornado which took my huge wrap around deck down and the whole thing had to be replaced.  I had no idea it was so rotted out underneath!!!  Had a guy in to give me a quote and he wanted 8 thousand bucks to rebuild it.   My stress level by this time went through the roof.  However, my 85 year old "Energizer Bunny" neighbor convinced me that we could rebuild it together.  It was really hard work but we did it!  It has taken us just over a month to do at a cost of only 3 thousand, so I am thrilled with that.  It really lifted my spirits.  Just got it finished today and It looks fantastic.  Will have to take a new Photo of me standing on it, as I need to update my avatar.

Good news is that through all this stress I managed to maintain my weight at 195 lbs.  I am very surprised at that, because we were out working on the deck for 8-10 hours day and my eating schedule was totally screwed up.  Still got another 25 lbs  to lose to get to my FL Goal, but I now know that I can indeed live the FL lifestyle and I will get there.

August 29/2015

After several weeks of maintaining my scales have finally began to drop again.  Weighed in this morning and I am down another 3 lbs. 

Hopefully I am on the right track once again and the weight continues to drop.

February 8/2016

Long time with no update because I have not been doing so well these past months.  Scales keep going the wrong way and I have been having a hard time to turn that around.  Did quit smoking in November and that has made it more difficult as I tend to "nibble" in place of a cigarette.  That I HAVE to change.

I know FLFL works and I still fully intend to reach my goal, even though it may be a little further away now,


My goal is to be as close to 125 lbs as I can be
One day at a time! :)
Ready and steady for a healthy ME!
No more diets!!
NOT on a DIET.... and LOVING IT!!!
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  •  sherrylp7: 
    Just one more comment......JUDY YOU ARE A ROCK STAR
     890 days ago 
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  •  sherrylp7: 
    I just read your entire account of your weight loss. Today I am going over all the material but have not started seems overwhelming. Hope to start in the next few days..I need you as my FL friend....Life throws us so many curves and they usually take me off whatever plan I am doing. I seem to have two modes...Losing weight or Gaining weith.
     890 days ago 
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  •  okiegirl62: 
    Hi Judy I was looking for a weight loss buddy I see how well you been doing god job.
     1056 days ago 
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  •  donaldamae: 
    Thanks Poppit for accepting my buddy friendship request. I have asked questions and replies are all 'check with Poppit' or 'read Poppit's blog'. So I took their advice and asked for you friendship. I am relatively new so can use all the help I can get. Journeying together with other members give inspiration, support and tons of knowledge. Thanks so much.
     1193 days ago 
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  •  cinniesu: 
    That would be weight
     1389 days ago 
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