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United States

>>May 2012

I'm Nancy I live in southeast Minnesota. After seeing the infomercial and searching on the internet, I decided that I would change my eating lifestyle with Foodlovers.


I babysit my grandson during the least until he is old enough for kindergarten. I will watch him full time for 2 more years. My time for exercising is in the evening after he has gone home. That works for me and hasn't bothered my sleep schedule.


I have gone through my package and am impressed with the amount of information and research that has to gone into it.

I have 50-60 lbs to lose. You don't realize how bad things look until you take the photos for the success journal


I am a stay at home MOM/Grandma. I babysit my 3 1/2 yr old grandson during the week.

I started this program in May of this year and am quite pleased with how it is going and all that I have learned.

going all the way,,thinner,,who`s with me ???
By God's Grace and Mercy I will succeed at getting to 200lbs!
I can do this!
I am going to do this!
Do what you do best and hire an expert for the rest
What doesn't Kill You makes you stronger.
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