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The kids are grown, the hubby is fantastic, the dog loves to go for walks, and I'm tired of battling the weight. Compared to some my goal look small, but to me, it's a long way off. 

I love to eat and I love to plan - what could go wrong? (please don't answer that!)

NOT on a DIET.... and LOVING IT!!!
Seize the Day! Dum vivimus vivamus...While we live, let us live!
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  •  sharonm: 
    Hi Kris
    Just like you the kids are grown, I never had a weight problem until I got older and gave up smoking which was 15 years ago. I did a drastic diet 5 years ago and lost 30lbs for my sons wedding and kept it off for 2 1/2 years then started to gradually put back 20lbs. Time for a lifestyle change. Hoping FL will work for me. My husband is a great cook and won't even try the FL foods so I'm on my own. DAY 18 of 21 metabolism makeover I have a birthday this weekend so will have to have some extra willpower.
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  •  Mart: 
    Hi, Kris!

    Welcome to the Food Lovers family! Thank you for the befriend request. I am very honoured.

    Thank you for sharing. You say...Compared to some my goal look small, but to me, it's a long way off.

    What is your goal? It does seem a long way off in the beginning. It doesn't really matter if it's losing 100 lbs., 50 lbs. or 10 lbs. It IS attainable! This program does work! Together we CAN and WILL do it!

    You also say...I love to eat and I love to plan - what could go wrong? (please don't answer that!)

    You're in the right place! I think we all love to eat. I'm not fussy on cooking. Not my greatest gift. What could go wrong?

    Not to worry. One thing about this's VERY forgiving. If we mess up, we can easily make a correction 2-3 hours later. Just keep moving ahead and don't look back. Be gentle with yourself.

    You'll find lots of support and help here. I am sooo grateful for this online community!

    Be sure to check out the online chats on Tuesday nights with Jackie Dyer at 7:30 p.m. central (8:30 p.m. Eastern) and with StormanNorman on Thursday nights at the same time. Great way to meet others, ask questions, get support and even find a buddy or two or three... I'm finding the chats invaluable. Hope you can join us.

    Feel free to message me at any time. Wishing you great success on your Food Lovers journey. God bless!

    Mart :)
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