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United States
The struggle is real
My goal is to be as close to 125 lbs as I can be
Need to Lose 100 pounds
One day at a time! :)
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  •  ForeverYoung: 
    Hello Jackie. I am new to FL and I saw your name several times. I stumbled upon Food Lover's and it addresses two of the most nagging problems that I had with all the other programs I have been on. Working my favorite foods into a well balanced meal/snack. Before I would have a vague idea of how to pair and protein with a carb, but now I have specific proportions incorporating my faves and I feel like my eyes are suddenly opened. I am still waiting for my kit as I am 12 days into the program. Weight is coming off slowly, but it is coming down and I am very please with the program. Thank you for the encouraging words you have shared with others on the program. Hope to hear more from you.
     171 days ago 
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  •  jbeesleyx2: 
    Hi there, hopefully this works this time.
     316 days ago 
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  •  dietingdiva: 
    Hi jackie, thank you so much for your encouragement. I did get off to a bumpy start, due to moving and some problems with my youngest two children, and getting stressed out. I am getting back on it this week. you may have noticed I closed my Dieting Diva TNT page, because I was putting time into that and making funny jokes and taking selfies, more than actually succeeding on my diet. I am now wanting to get involved with Food Lovers. I still use facebook for my personal profile. I am Joan Isakson and I am going to try to look you up and send you a facebook friend request. I do post progress on there too, but I want to get plugged in to this website. So far I love the diet. I just have to make sure to keep raw veggies around. at this point I am more into convenience than taste but I am going to start cooking more as I go.
     832 days ago 
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  •  Journey: 
    Hi Jackie, looking back I am so glad I stuck with FL and with all of you. I am corresponding with GypsyGirl2014 and briwal2. Gypsy (Carla) has asked to buddy with me. I encouraged them both to go to members and pick out different people and read their stories and choose some buddies, read and post on blogs, and above all join us in the chat room (new day this week and regular time later). I am so glad we met Jackie, and I know I will know you well for a long time. Enjoy a "regular week" if that is possible. Take care. Love and prayers always.
     856 days ago 
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  •  dietingdiva: 
    Hey i just joined your group.
     899 days ago 
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