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In Michael Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover, the maintenance phase is referred to as "Living Lean."

Honestly, it's the hardest part of the program for me. I've come to learn that in order to maintain weight loss, MINDSET IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS EXERCISE AND DIET.

Keeping positive, motivated and focused on being healthy is a lifestyle change.
But what happens after reaching goal?

I've been at that crossroad several times in the past.
This trip, however, will be different.

I am committed to keeping continuous health goals so that exercise, healthy eating and taking care of myself will be a constant in my life.

Surrounding myself with others with this same mindset is crucial as well.

Keeping my mind on the good these changes have done in my life will help with a living lean mindset as well.

After achieving your weight-loss goals, make a list of the changes you've made to your lifestyle and how you've benefited from those changes, outside of the weight loss itself.

Do you have more energy?
Is your hunger more satisfied when you eat balanced meals?
Do you feel more confident?

When we connect health and wellness with improvements in our lives, we tend to feel more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. )

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