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Child Loved By God
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Hello, I'm a wife and mother of 4 children. I work full time as an Office Administrator for the aerospace industry. Hubby works out of state right now so I'm like a single parent, which is really hard, I applaud all out there who have done it and are doing it. My kids are great and they try to be helpful. I love my God with all my heart, I love my family with all my heart and I truly enjoy my job. I don't enjoy the extra weight I've been carrying for most of my life. It doesn't belong to me so I'm giving it back.

This time's for Good!
Hoping this is the last battle..
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  •  Germaine: 
    Hi! Where did everybody go? Is this Group still open or has everyone completed their goals?
     1285 days ago 
    0 points
  •  okiegirl62: 
    Hi Carmella need a friend to help me along,and found you.
     1714 days ago 
    0 points
  •  doc69: 
    Hi Jackie, how are you making out with this program/
     1717 days ago 
    0 points
  •  doc69: 
    thankyou your the first person that I have found on this chat
     1738 days ago 
    0 points
  •  JackieD: 
    Welcome to the group, Carmella!!!
     1745 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    0 points