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It was a couple weeks after I received the box in the mail that I had the courage to open it.  I had just gone bathing suit shopping - and that was a frightening experience.  Nothing like it to motivate though.

I started the program right away and jumped in with tremendous enthusiasm.  I love to eat and love to cook - and was discovering healthy recipes - with vegetables!

Did well for the first two weeks - could feel myself shrinking - but then took an all inclusive vacation and told myself I would just "get back on" the program when I got back.  There was nothing simple abou that.  When  I got back I also learned I was going to be starting a new job - and leaving the old job - starting a new job did not make it easy to focus on my health.

Now March 2013, a month later, things are settling down at work - and I am ready to focus on my health and this program.

I have re-started the 21 days and also joined this community. Its going to be a big help - I can tell already from the support of others.  Thanks.

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  •  roffylove: 
    Hello dear,

    my name is Roffina,i saw your profile here and become interested in knowing you

    please reply me at my private email ID( that i can tell you

    more about myself and also send you my pictures
     1736 days ago 
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