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Welcome & Announcements

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Introduction / Find A Buddy

Introduce yourself and meet newcomers.

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Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines of the forum.

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Community Announcements

News and Updates from the Community

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Community Resources

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Community How-To's

Instructions for using the forum

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Tech Support

Having trouble using the Community? Ask us!

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Feedback/ Suggestions

Please let us know how to improve Your Community!

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General - FAQ's

Common answers to questions about anything other than the Food Lovers plan

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Food Lovers Program

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Success Stories

Share your SUCCESS!!

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21 Day Metabolism Makeover

The first phase of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System

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Food Lovers For Life

Maintaining your weight loss FOR LIFE

103 27 April 14 2014 12:40

7 Day Sizedown

Motivation and Support for the 7 Day Sizedown

244 16 April 16 2014 07:32

Food Lovers - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the Food Lovers Program

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Answers from Dr. Wortham!

Dr. Keller Wortham is a physician specializing in the treatment of obesity and medical consultant for the Food Lovers Fat Loss System and he’s eager to answer your questions! To ask him a question, send an email to askdrwortham@myfoodlovers.com. If he ch

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Meals, Snacks & Recipes

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Vegetarian & Vegan

Applying the Food Lovers System as a vegan or vegetarian.

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Gluten Free

Applying the Food Lovers System if you are gluten intolerant.

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Holiday Recipes

Recipes for the holiday.

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Meal & Snack Recipes

Snack & Treat ideas that are Food Lovers approved.

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Eating Out

Eating at a restaurant doesn't have to be stressful. We've got you covered!

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Food Lovers Online

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How to use the Food Lovers Online Journal effectively.

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Tech Support

Troubleshooting and tech support.

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Let us know what you think of the Food Lovers Online Journal.

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Frequently asked questions for the Food Lovers Online Journal

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No experience with exercise? We can help!

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Comfortable with exercising at least three times a week.

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Discuss advanced exercise movements here!

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Problems & Challenges

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Overcoming Plateaus

Hitting a plateau will happen eventually, we'll help you overcome it.

49 8 February 7 2014 04:34

Unable to Exercise

Limitations with exercise doesn't have to slow down your results.

13 2 June 11 2013 02:30

Holiday Survival Tips

The Holidays are riddled with temptations. Get support or share your tips!

1 1 November 8 2012 06:19

Schedule Problems

The Food Lovers System was designed to fit with any schedule. Get support here!

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Members With Health Challenges

Food Lovers who are experiencing difficulties due to health problems.

55 19 November 11 2013 04:06

There is absolutely NO EXCUSES on why I cant loose weight. The only excuse I have is I HAD A BABY and that is also a very valid excuse as long I am not sitting on the couch and expect my pounds to fall right off. Not yet 1 year and I had a baby. I weight h
Prayingmom · 12 hours ago

I was going through CNN and found an article talking about controlling where you lose fat. At the top, I found something that talks about 13 comfort foods that help to boost weight loss. So, I wanted to share those with everyone.   I am not saying these ar
RickinTN1970 · 16 hours ago

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” ~Dr. Denis Waitley Today was a good day.   I have been a little more tired the past few days. But, I think it is because I have cut
RickinTN1970 · Yesterday
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